Saturday, July 24, 2004

What a buzz kill

We went to Music in the Park tonight, I'm actually a little drunk as we speak. These jesus freaks were walking around talking about how we're all going to die, and then what? Well, as near as I can figure, uh...we'll be DEAD. Who fucking cares, we're dead! Like drinking beer and smoking will destroy my afterlife. OK, sweetcheeks, what afterlife? You guarantee me heaven, I'll knock this shit off. Until then, well, I'll just continue on my merry way. So my sister thought it would be fun to take some pictures with them! This is my sister and Alyssa with Death! The next one is me and Krissy with jesus himself. Now, I don't really know, not being a religious person myself, but is the sight of a fake jesus really the way to get people to join your faith?


Jesus wore tie-dye.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Let's hear it for the Wright brothers

I flew to Colorado last week. We had to change planes in Phoenix, AZ. What my thoughtful husband neglected to inform me of was that the plane we were transferring to had propellers. Yes, actual propellers. Right outside the window. The good news about that was if the propeller flew off, it would most likely have come right in the window and chopped my head off, saving me from a long, slow, terrorizing fall from the sky to my fiery death. That would be the silver lining, I suppose. For someone who doesn't fly well, it was a bad, bad day. Then, 6 days later...back on that stupid airplane! At least the second time it was taking me home, so I actually wanted to get on. I missed this lovely state. At times it didn't seem like I would survive the boredom of Montrose, Colorado. Would you like a list of the good and bad things about Montrose? Here you go:
Bad Things1. It's quite hot in July2. It's 15 minutes from my in-laws house to the "town"3. The highlight of the week was a trip into Ourey (an even smaller town)4. Boring conversation5. Slow drivers6. Lots of bugs7. Mother-in-law (enough said)8. Orange sherbet ice cream with chocolate chips (it's real)9. Nip/Tuck was not approved10. SIX DAYS IS A LONG TIME
Good Things1. I don't have to go back for at least two years2. The doctors say the scars on my wrists should fade completely by then