Tuesday, November 30, 2004

New post

I posted on D-Nice's blog today. Hahaha, that's what you get when you add me as a contributor!
She made it so you can't comment though, and I couldn't take the time to figure out how to change it back, so if you feel like leaving any comments, you can do it here. Man I crack myself up. Really. Go see for yourself. I'm funny.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Testament to my weakness

I went out drinking with Roy Hobbs and another friend from high school last Saturday. We played fooseball and darts all night. I'm so out of shape that I'm actually sore from these activities. My arms are sore from wildly spinning the handles attempting to actually connect with the ball, which I miraculously did a few times. My calves are sore because every time I throw a dart I go up on my tiptoes. Don't ask me why, it's just the way I throw. I've been told it does nothing for my game. I tend to agree, yet can't stop. I am not a competetive person, so I don't really care to improve my game. I'm also a creature of habit, and don't adapt to change very well. So I'm stuck with the tiptoe throw, which suits me just fine. I guess I'll need to go play games and drink beer more often, so I can build up the right muscles. We can't have me being sore, now can we?

Saturday, November 27, 2004

For YankeeBob

Here's a picture of Jack Skellington for YankeeBob. I wanted him to be able to share the experience. He's from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you haven't seen it, you should. Also, here's a picture of Caden wearing his Jack Skellington sweatshirt. He keeps getting complimented on it. I think because it's not something you'd expect to see a three year old wearing.

Jack Skellington

Jack sweatshirt

Friday, November 26, 2004

I had to join in the fun with the Disneyland quiz!

"it's a small world": The happiest cruise
that ever sailed! Surreal and silly, or sweet
and touching, you are a well intentioned 1960s
homage to the world's diversity that
unfortunatly inspires feelings of sheer terror
in those who can't help but feel something more
sinister lays beneath your shiny surface. But
most cannot deny your charm, even if they
cannot explain it, and leave feeling better
than when they entered. Most overlook the fact
that because of your unique style and design,
courtesy of Disney Legend Mary Blair, you are a
true work of art and you deserve to be
appreciated. You are both worldy and
simplistic, both cosmopolitan and decidedly
middle American. You are a splendid
candy-coated contradiction with a sugary, sunny
song that one never forgets. If the world
truely listened to your never-ending optimism,
it could be a small world after all.

What Disneyland attraction are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Would someone please define candy-coated contradiction for me? I have to admit I like this part: something more sinister lays beneath your shiny surface. (If you haven't figured that out already, you haven't been reading between the lines)

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Looking for fun and feelin' groovy!

I'm wearing my maroon shoes today, and I feel way cooler than everybody else. I tell you, it doesn't matter of you actually are cooler than everybody else, it's good enough just to feel that way.

Also, I'm getting drunk tonight.

I'm baaaaaack! (said in girl from Poltergeist voice)

Hello again, my sweet blog readers! I'm back from LA, not quite empty handed, but with no tales of violence to entertain you. Well, one tale of violence, but only involving myself and a turnstile. You would think someone my age would know how to operate a turnstile. You'd think. Judging by the bruise on my thigh, I'm lacking in turnstile education. Oh well, practice makes perfect right?
So, I spent one dinner with my Nazi brother in law and his Nazi-in-training son. I have to ignore what this guy says or I will drive myself crazy. I've been dealing with him for over 9 years now, and have found that the selective hearing method is best in handling the holidays. I've argued, I've debated, I've tried to prove my point. This guy is so good he almost had me convinced once that there's no such thing as Mexicans. I swear, I thought I had a clear stance on that one, being half Mexican myself, but no! I was almost convinced! I had no argument at all. I was speechless. Since then, I smile and look away whenever he talks. I'd hate to have him convince me that I'm lazy, and a criminal to boot.
We saw The Incredibles! It was.....absolutely incredible! I loved it so much, I was laughing louder and more often than anyone else in that theater. I totally want to be a superhero. Capeless, of course. (Cat, you know what I mean) Although, having a cape is pretty much the coolest thing about a superhero costume. Spandex I could do without.
Disneyland was really fun, my son loved it of course. It was freezing though, can you believe it? Jackets and hats at Disneyland! What? I got the coolest Jack Skellington sweatshirt. Spent $44 on it, but it was so worth it. I love Jack Skellington.
The drive home was a bitch. Lots of traffic. I wished for a teleporter not once, but twice. I wondered how traumatized Caden would be to see me throw myself out the window. I thought "Oh my god, I'm Rachel!"
Mel was "too busy" to hang out with me. I see how it goes...Grace and Nina call and it's "hey! I can't get into my car fast enough!". I call and Mel's like "oh sorry I just had dinner...maybe next time". Hmmm...... That's OK, I'm supposed to hook up with her next month when she's up here. If I'm not too busy that is. Kidding Mel! Now I will have the home field advantage...haha.
Remember the Monkey Battles!!!

Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm out! (said in Dave Chappell voice)

So, my blogger friends, I will be missing in action for a while. Heading down to the land of smog, traffic and.....Disneyland! I get to spend 2 glorious days with the (ugh) in-laws, followed by my payback of Disneyland on Monday. Please keep your fingers crossed that the majority of the free world will not be there as well. I'm not placing any bets on that one, but still, it's good to have blogger friends rooting for you. Also, you might want to keep your fingers crossed that I don't kill my brother in law. If I do, I'm calling Mel for bail. I'm sure she'd want to hang out with me then.....
Nothing quite like a murderous blogger buddy, huh guys? Am I right? Am I right?
(not that I'd know)
I will be back Tuesday, and I'm sure I will have some stories. Hopefully nice, wholesome, violence free type stories. Although that would be more interesting, I'm sure.
So, I hope you all get along ok without me. I know it will be hard. I know I'm like the hub of the blooging community. Your anchor, your light house in the storm, your beacon in the night. Try to be strong, my babies. Be strong for me, ok? Can I see a smile?
(Ok, done being crazy)

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

Oh my liiiife!

Carl's Jr no longer has baked potatoes. (the one here anyway, can't speak for all of them) This means no more cheese. No melted cheese to dip my fries in. No melted cheese! Did you hear me? No cheese! Fucking Carl, I hate you.

It's official

I have a shoe fetish. I need help. It's a problem! I can't stop! Ten years ago I had maybe...3 pairs of Converse with a pair of Birkinstocks thrown in for the beach. That was about it. Now, I have so many pairs of shoes I'm embarrassed to count them. Do you think I'm trying to fill a void in my life by shopping? Maybe I figure I deserve it because I work so hard? Nooo...I don't really work that hard though. Three days a week hardly consitutes slavery. I don't have an explanation, all I know is I love shoes. I went out right before the concert Tuesday and bought two new pairs, the boots and a pair of maroon shoes I've been wanting since I was about 12 years old. I feel that after 18 years of desiring a certain type of shoe, I deserve them. Hey, it's my budget right? If I want to spend it on shoes I'm entitled. That's what "play money" is for. Shoes. Glorious shoes. On second thought, I don't need help. I think I'm ok with my love for shoes. It's better than a heroin addiction, right? Right?
So here's the new boots, and the new maroon shoes. I love my shoes. And my shoes love me.



Thursday, November 18, 2004

Pop Quiz

I got this from Evil, who by the way has some great Michael Jackson jokes up right now.
Keep in mind that I corrected the spelling mistakes in this description. All the your's should have been you're and that bugs the crap out of me. So, I may be ordinary, but I'm ordinary with OCD. That makes me just a little less ordinary. Right?

You're ordinary. You don't care if people think you're
weird or not pretty. You just want everyone to
know you're not a creep. You're just yourself which
makes you cool in a cool way:)

What Type Of Girl Are You???(Amazing Pics)
brought to you by Quizilla

Concert details

Holy cow, Mel, quit pestering me! Here's your details! Oh I'm just kidding, I would have written this yesterday but I was just too tired. I'm no spring chicken you know, can't rally like I used to. Oh, my liiiife!
Ok so, the concert was awesome, as you'd expect. Very loud, very fast, surprisingly sexy. What is it about a guy with a guitar? (as Cat would say *ponders*) Especially those punk guys with their guitars! The last few concerts I've been to have been Lyle Lovett, Alexi Murdoch, I think Jack Johnson and Ben Harper? There is a big difference between the way those guys play their guitars (especially Ben Harper, he sits down and lays it on his lap, weird) and the way Social Distortion plays their guitars. It's like:
Lyle Lovett: (pets guitar) Oh guitar, I love you so much, let me play you sweetly, we can make beautiful music together...
Mike Ness: oh yeah, guitar? really? I'm going to play you until you can't walk straight you bitch!
(by the way, I may be a little crazy?)
I love that wide-legged stance, the straight arms, it's like they're angry with the guitar. It just looks so cool. They played my absolute favorite song Sick Boy and they played Story of my Life of course. Oh, and towards the end Mike Ness called this kid up on stage with him and talked with him a little. He had the messy hair, rolled up jeans and Converse high tops, he looked so freaking cute.

MN: So kid, what's your name?
kid: Mike
MN: How old are you?
kid: seven
MN: How cool it that? He's seven years old and at a Social Distortion concert....on a school night.
MN: What's your favorite band?
kid: uh...yours?

Of course, I was looking at my watch thinking "why is that kid out so late?" but that's just the Girl Scout in me. I suppose some parents do stuff like that. Some parents also had their seven year old on the floor right in front of the stage. But I digress....
They said they'd be back sometime next spring. I totally want to go again. This time though, I'm going alone because I have never seen so many hot guys in one place before in my life. Although, there's no way I could go alone because I'd never actually make it from the car to the Warfield, this is how safe that neighborhood is. Crackheads everywhere, I tell you. Very interesting, those crackheads. So, concert: fun. Work yesterday: not fun. I walked in my door at 1am, and I'm up at 5:30 to go to work. Ouch. Then that stupid dinner with the board. (Mike, your plan worked brilliantly! I actually got a spending allowance for more concerts) Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life. Hence the short post and delay in concert details. Although for such a short post, I sure had a lot of interest in my stamp and my boots! I'm going to have to wear those more often...

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Just a quickie

I will post details about the concert later, but for now I’d just like to go over some key points:

1. I saw 2 great T-shirts.

>draw no lines and erase the ones you have

>I killed Christ and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

2. I’m very tired. 4 ½ hours of sleep will do that to you.

3. There’s nothing quite like going to work with a stamp on the back of your hand. Especially when you have dinner plans with the board of directors. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this will be greatly appreciated. I’m sure the big drinkers out there have some sort of magic remedy. You know who you are.

4. What is it about a pair of boots that makes you feel so sexy?

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In honor of...

Hey everybody...
It's Ian's birthday today. Well, actually it's tomorrow, but in the land of Oz...it actually is tomorrow. So head over to Ian's blog and wish him a very happy birthday, ok?

Today is Tuesday, November 16th

I am loving all my book suggestions! Thank you guys so much. I will definitely let you know what I think of them. That's fun, I think I'll ask you all every time I have a question or a decision to make. Hey, do you think I should have another baby? (joke)

So, I don't think I ever told you.....
Guess who's going to see Social Distortion tonight? Oh yeah baby, that's right! Social D, here I come. This time I don't have that pesky senior prom to get in the way of my going to the concert. Although if I did, I just might have to ask Mike Ness to go with me. Haha, Mel...

So, I'm including two pictures of my drive home from work. I don't know why I think you'd be interested in what I see while driving home from work, but here they are anyway. This is just the first half of the drive though, the second half looks just how you'd expect, with retaining walls around the freeway and everything. I love this part of the drive though, it's very pretty. Especially now that we've had some rain, the hills are starting to turn green again.
And yeah, I took these through my windshield while driving 80 miles an hour. I'm a really good driver?

keep on rolling

traffic jam

Monday, November 15, 2004

I'd like your recommendations, please

I'm almost finished with my book, and I don't have another lined up yet. This is a crisis for me. I need something and I need it fast! So I'm asking you all to advise me on the next book I should get. Please leave me comments with your favorite books, as well as why they are your favorites, if possible. Please help me bloggers...you're my only hope!

Extreme banking

I was talking to a member today. (that's what you call someone who belongs to a credit union, in case you didn't know. I don't mean I was talking to, like.....you know, a big penis or anything) So anyway, she was talking and talking and talking...and my attention span ran out within the first 30 seconds. It took everything in me to keep an interested look on my face. I don't even think I succeeded, I think my eyes glazed over right away. I had to use all my power to keep my face from showing when was going through my head, which was "If I had a gun I would shoot myself in the stomach to get out of this conversation".

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Somewhere between heaven and hell

I was driving to work yesterday and saw a rainbow. Normal people would think "How pretty! A rainbow!" Not me. My sardonic side automatically takes control and I think "How sweet, god's promise to never make it rain like he did for Noah". Obviously I'm a non-believer. I'm a "show me and I'll believe" kind of girl. George Michael says we gotta have faith. I do have faith, just not in god. I have faith in mankind. I have faith in my family. I have faith in the fact that the world will continue, despite the outcome of the election. (sorry, had to throw that in there, joke!) I am the first to admit that my beliefs have their inconsistancies. I can't explain ghosts, but I think they exist. I just don't agree that ghosts necessarily mean there's a heaven. I can't explain the creation of the universe. I really don't care to though, that's not my job. I'm quite content living in my ignorance. I don't question my beliefs, because to me they're not that important. My lack of faith doesn't mean I run around raping and pillaging, I'm basically a good person. Probably better than a lot of the so-called Christians out there. Yesterday, however, the rainbow thought made me start wondering about how screwed I am if it turns out I'm wrong. I am an evil heathen. Around Christmas I make jokes about celebrating the birthday of jesus christ. At Easter I carry on about celebrating the ressurection of our lord jesus christ. I've thrown bibles in the garbage. I've said "fuck god". I even dislike the look of the word "god". If there is a hell, I'm headed straight there. My friend says it's better to hedge your bets on that one. I don't think it's good enough to just hedge. Like god's going to fall for that one. Oh yeah, he's omniscient, but he can't tell that you're half assing your religion? Sure. You go ahead and believe that. We'll see how far that gets you. Me, I'll go on living like I always have, and hope that either I'm right, and we just cease to exist when we die, or god really is as forgiving as they say, and lets me into heaven anyway. Although, I have a feeling heaven is pretty boring.

Friday, November 12, 2004

How do you sound?

Have you ever noticed the way certain people can say the word fuck and it sounds so natural coming out of their mouths? Then there's people like me who say it and it sounds like a little girl trying to act like a grown up. There's also people who sound like they're trying too hard, like my neighbor. She sounds like she's only saying it for the emphasis, but you just know she doesn't say it often because it sounds so weird from her. The Greenday CD made me think of this. (yes, I'm going to talk about Greenday again. I'm addicted, so help me!) Billie Joe can say fuck like he's saying hi, mom. It just sounds so natural. In the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" when he says:
Read between the lines
What's fucked up and everything's all right
it sounds like he could have said "what's screwed up" or "what's messed up" and it would have had the same inflection. You listen to Eminem, however, and it's a different story. In his song "Kill you" he says:
You don't wanna fuck with me
and makes you feel as if you've actually *been* fucked. There is so much venom in the way he says that one word. Of course, there's a lot of rage in all of his words, but in fuck especially. I'm not saying I mind it, not at all. Why do you think I listen to Eminem all the time? I'm trying to learn how to say fuck like I mean it. Because I do mean it.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Ok, ok, I'm awake.

I had my first candy cane of the season today. I was at Longs and there they were, sitting on the counter, all tempting in their red and white deliciousness. I love candy canes. I also love the word deliciousness.

I picked Caden up yesterday at school. As we were leaving the teacher asked Caden if he wanted to take his brownie with him that they had baked that day. Caden was quite excited and proudly carried his brownie out of the class. He was saving it for the ride home. I asked him if he wanted me to carry it but he said no, he wanted to carry it. He really was very proud. We made it to the parking lot before he dropped it. Poor little guy. He looked up at me with such hope in his eyes: It's OK? No, Caden, it's not OK. We have to throw it away. He tried so hard not to cry but he was so disappointed. I rumaged around in the car looking for something to placate him. I had nothing! I was an unprepared mom that day. Luckily, the kid likes Altoids. I held out two of them, he got so excited: I get two? Why I get two? Because I love you so much! He really makes it easy for me. All it took was a couple of Altoids to make him happy. We should all be so easily satisfied.

Last note:
My blog is about 33% evil and 67% good, depending on the post I evaluate. If anyone would like to check the evile content of theirs, go to http://homokaasu.org/gematriculator/

I think it's highly baised, and a little wacked out. You might learn something about yourself though, you dirty little creatures, you! And yes, I used the word evile intentionally. It may not actually be a word, but I'm trying to start a movement. Jump on board!

Happy Veteran's Day to all of you.
Or Happy Remembrance Day, whichever applies.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Wake me up when November 8th ends

What a fucking day I've had today. I'm going to describe it, in detail. I'm hoping that getting it out will absolve me of all my angry feelings. Kind of like confession, only without the guilt.
So we begin at the beginning...
First thing I have to deal with at work is a guy who's truck we repossessed over the weekend. Oh, you have no money? Well, I'm very sorry but you have no truck either. Yes I realize that it is quite difficult to come up with $2400 to get it back. You should have called us earlier. Now, we don't do this very often. We are very lenient with our members. Call us and we will bend over backwards to make arrangements. Ignore us completely, however, and you will pay! Dearly! So while I feel bad for the guy, he brought it on himself. Then we have the "Benefits Fair" over at the hospital. This translates to "sit at a table all fucking day doing nothing". Michelle takes the first half of the day. Calls me at 9:30 to ask me to bring some stuff over to pretty up the table. I go there, check things out, decide to run over to Safeway for some flowers, get some candy to give out. The floral department at Safeway is awesome, gives me hope. Apparently the girl had a really bad case of OCD, because she arranged the flowers for about 20 minutes. Thank you very much! Now I will strap them into Caden's carseat and smash the hell out of them, time well spent. Next, over to See's! The lady in front of me was picking out her box of candy one peice at a time. Oh I'll take one buttercream. Oh those truffles look lovely, I'll take one of those. Let's see...what else looks good? I'm pacing around behind her like a caged tiger, digging my nails into my palms to keep from digging them into her jugular. Apparently they will only hire you to work at See's if you're dead. This is how slow the employees are. I don't want a fucking sample, can I just get my receipt so I can leave this hell hole? Thank you! Plus, the whole parking lot over at Sequoia Station smelled like chicken. Not good chicken either, it smelled like KFC. And it was making me feel like I was going to throw up. Head back to the hospital now, see a bunch of kids sneaking over the fence at the high school. INTO the school. Does this make sense? No, it didn't make any sense to me either, but at least I got a giggle out of it. Back to the table of doom, drop off the goodies. Pick up a Stress Dot. This is supposed to measure your stress level, kind of like a mood ring. Now, I don't know if I buy it, but it turns pitch black the minute I put it on. Head back to the office. I was there for 45 minutes, in this time I talked to Repo Dude 3 times. Nope, not budging. Deal with it. You had plenty of chances. Back to the hospital! Yay! At least this time I don't have to park at the bottom of the hill. Relieve Michelle at the table of doom. Sit. Stress dot is still black. I think it's stressing me out even more to have it on, I keep checking it: Is it still black? Oh look! It's changing from "stressed" to "tense" that's good! Oh, no, wait...back to "stressed". So, when I get bored I tend to talk. A lot. Some guy wanders by, and says my credit union logo reminds him of the Girl Scout logo. My answer? "I could be a Girl Scout. On special occasions". Did I really say that out loud? Do I have no STOP button? What about that little voice that tells you to think before you speak, am I lacking that voice? Apparently, yes. Finally, I get to leave. I get a Jamba Juice for lunch, lunch being 2:30. High point? I believe so.
The only reasom I am not dead at the bottom of a cliff or in prison for murder is the new Greenday CD I got over the weekend. This CD kicks total ass. I love it. I would be feeling completely murderous, get in my car and listen for a minute, and miraculously be OK. I *am* an American Idiot! I *do* walk the Boulevard of Broken Dreams! I *will* send a Letterbomb to See's! This CD was my salvation today, and I will be eternally grateful to Billie Joe. I don't think that CD will leave my CD player for a long, long time.
Now, I feel better, how about you? I'm going to go mix myself a tall Captain and Coke, and see if this stress dot turns a better color. Here's hoping for violet!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Blue skidoo, we can too!

Hi, I'm Steve, and I'm sexy.

Seriously, is it wrong to have fantasies about a character on your kid's favorite TV show? Should this be embarrassing? I don't know what it is about Steve that starts me thinking. Is it his big brown eyes? Is it his goofy manner? You know, goofy goes a long way with me. I feel a little guilty, watching TV with my son and having fantasies about Steve. I can live with the guilt though. I'm thinking: Come on, Steve. You and I can cuddle in your Thinking Chair and try to solve Cindy's Clues. Now, what can Cindy want to do with:

a bed

a condom

and a pair of handcuffs?

Let's think, Steve. Oh! I know! Sex! We just figured out Cindy's Clues! Good boy, Steve. Now let's get you out of those khakis and that green striped shirt...

This guy has gone on to become an indie rock star. I would bet money on the fact that a large portion of his fans are moms. Moms who couldn't accept the fact that Steve was leaving Blues Clues. These poor women spend their days knee deep in toys, diapers, and macaroni. The only high point was watching Blues Clues and dreaming of hot sex with Steve. When he left, they were forced to start fantasizing about Greg from the Wiggles. But we all know that Greg is a poor substitute for Steve. Nobody who dances like that could possibly be good in bed. With a woman, anyway. You know that at the end of the day, Steve is so tired of playing the good guy, the nice guy. He's probably very dirty in bed, just to reinforce his manhood. No, Steve is still the only one for me. I certainly don't have these feelings for the new guy, Joe. It's a good thing they still play re-runs, so I can get my fix. Oh, Steve, Steve. I thought you always said we can do anything that we want to do? Does that not include hot monkey sex on the Thinking Chair? Can't I play with your Handy-Dandy....uh, notebook?

Was it really time for so long?

Rocker Steve

Cute Steve

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure

I found this one printed and in my drawer at work yesterday. Funny how these types of things end up in my desk. I thought it was funny!

Who thinks the new kid on Jack and Bobby is hot? I do!

I'd like to introduce you to a very dear friend of mine.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I forgot what eight was for

I was sitting on the phone today at work, talking with a member about a loan. I looked over and saw a spider crawling it's way up the wall. It was far enough away from me that I didn't freak out, so I just continued my call and kept my eye on him to make sure he didn't get away. This spider was struggling so hard to get up the wall. He kept slipping down, he'd regain his footing and try again. He didn't get more than two inches up the wall in the five minutes he had to work on it. I almost felt sorry for the little guy. I wanted to tell him not to try so hard, because in five minutes he'd be dead anyway. He had guts, I had to give him that. Of course, it wasn't enough for me to let him live. I hung up the phone, walked over and smashed him flat. Poor little guy.

Thursday, November 04, 2004


I wanted to share the Hairshirt Horoscopes with you all this week. I recommend checking them out weekly. It's normally a Wednesday thing, but apparently he was too depressed to think them up this week. They're up now though, so run, quick like little bunnies. Funny stuff. The rest of the blog doesn't suck either, but the horoscopes are the best. Have fun.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

How do they come up with this shit?

You represent... naivete.
You represent... naivete.
So innocent and trusting... you can be very shy at
times, but it's only because you're not sure
how to act. You give off that "I need to
be protected vibe." Remember that not all
people are good. Being too trusting will get
you easily hurt.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

I stole this from Kim's blog, decided to do a quiz and post it since I have nothing of value to say at the moment. I've only taken a handful of these quizes, and until now, I haven't been all that impressed with the results. UNTIL NOW. This one blew me away. This is so right-on, so absolutely, so exactly the opposite of me it's insane. Naive? Me? What the...? Ok, maybe 12 years ago, but come on now! I'm a woman of the 90's! (hee hee) I've been around the block a few times. Naive? Not Cindy-Lou, I'll tell you that!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ready to vote

So I told Caden "Hey, let's go vote now! It's time to exercise our Democratic...." then I paused and looked at him because the word "rights" was eluding me at that moment. He jumps in with "duty". I was kind of impressed, "Yes, Caden our Democratic duty". Then he keeps saying it "duty duty duty" and I realized he wasn't saying "duty" he was saying "doodie". I think he has the right attitude about this election, what do you think?

Monday, November 01, 2004

Too bad I don't live like the Jetsons

I wish my house could clean itself. I would be on cloud nine right now if I didn't have to think about the mess I still have to deal with. Every party has a downfall, mine is my carpet. I just can't get the energy to vacuum. Could one of you guys volunteer to come vacuum for me? That woud be great...
So the Halloween party was great fun. I love seeing people dressed up, it makes for an interesting night. We had 2 Jedi knights, one voter complete with voting booth, a Super Sperm (yeah, scared me too), Martha Stewart in a prison uniform, 3 pirates, a dark angel, a white angel, a devil Diva, a couple 70's studs, 1 Shaggy, and a various assortment of spooks and ghouls and chicks with short skirts. I cannot be expected to remember everything, a pirate must have her rum after all. So the run down of the night:

1 small fire in the backyard
2 broken bottles
3 people ran into the screen door
1 couple fought
1 trip to the emergency room
1 trip to the liquor store for more beer
5 people passed out at my place
1 cell phone and 1 sweatshirt left behind (and if anyone knows who they belong to please call me!)
plenty of bottle caps carefully hidden in random places, just to extend the fun throughout the week (I can't say how many, I'm sure I haven't found them all yet)

All in all I'd call it a success! Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween as much as I did. By the way, I love Captain Morgan.

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