Monday, February 27, 2006

Mercy killing

I'm on my way home from the mall the other day and I see this on the car in front of me:


(I'll give you a second to try to figure it out)

Yes, this was on the back of a black Acura. I felt like I was being mocked. My first instinct was to jam my foot into the accelerator, smash into the back of the car, throw it in reverse, smash into it again, over and over until the license plate was crushed beyond recognition. It would so be worth totalling my car to kill it. And the cop showing up at the scene would probably let me off because he/she too would feel mocked, maybe even make the other guy pay for the damage. Especially since some other Californian with bad taste got to BLACURA first and this poor asshole had to use an "H" on the end, which makes it even more pathetic.

It was a good plan except for one thing. I forgot about the plate on the front of the car.

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