Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I wish I was the moon tonight.

Do you remember believing in wishes? Do you remember the power that came with blowing out the candles or getting the bigger half of the wishbone?

I walked past a water fountain with my son yesterday and he asked for a penny. I gave him two and he stood there with his eyes shut and whispered "I wish I had a dog!" and threw the penny as if it held the secrets of the universe. Then he did the same thing for his second wish; "I wish I was a grown up!"

On the way back I gave him a few more pennies. He was so excited; he said "you're giving me a lot of wishes!" and ran over to the fountain. These were his wishes:

I wish I had a pool
I wish I was a super hero
I wish I had one hundred friends
I wish I had a water fountain (talk about easily influenced...)

(I wish I could believe in magic again.)

(hey Ty, you see that period inside the parenthesis?)

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