Thursday, January 04, 2007

Guilty pleasure

99.7 FM used to be an oldies station that I liked. It's now Movin' 99.7 and it sucks. However, it's still programmed into preset number eight on my stereo so I sometimes mistakenly put it on when searching for something to listen to on my drive. I'm usually in a daze when I drive so I occasionally leave it on way past the point of decency. They play a lot of music that reminds you of the roller rink in sixth grade. This morning I heard I Wanna Sex You Up. And yeah, I left it on and listened to the whole song. Shut up, you'd do it, too.

Hey, listen to this one.

I was behind a minivan today that had an advertisement for All State Insurance on the back. Like the person driving was an agent or something. Anyway, the tail light was broken. I thought that was kind of a bad sign. I don't know about you but that doesn't leave me with a good feeling about All State Insurance. Sure, they say I'm in good hands, but how can I be sure?

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