Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Smell it?

I went down to the corner store (market, if you prefer) today during my lunch. I walked in and vaguely noticed a smell, a chemical-ish smell, but didn't pay much attention to it. After I grabbed a box of just one calorie Tic-Tacs, I went to the counter. There I was assaulted, yes, assaulted, by the smell. It immediately entered my nose and mouth. I saw a Windex bottle tipped on it's side on the counter. (but even then, I knew somewhere in my head that it was all wrong for Windex) I made a noise that was a cross between "blech" and "yuck", which I'm sure you'll agree is impossible to type. Then an "ew" sound, which was one of those very annoyed "ew"s, not a cutesy, uptalk "ew". You know. With the extended "w" part. The Red Bull girl started laughing and I turned to her and said "I think I can taste it!" and she agreed. Of course, it was half a second after that exchange that I realized the smell was not the Windex at all, but the woman standing three feet from me. Which sucked, because I don't like to insult people. To their face. I much prefer doing it behind their back.

(if you're giggling, you're childish. yes, I said "doing it")

But half an hour later when I could still smell and taste the perfume, I didn't feel quite as bad. Because I'm sure every person she came into contact with thought the same thing as me, but I was the only one who voiced it. I sure hope she learned a lesson today. Inflicting asthma upon countless innocent souls with your excessive perfume usage is a bad way to get into heaven.

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