Thursday, December 18, 2008

You want to know what my son said the other day?

He asked me if you could marry your sister. I wasn't sure where that came from but I had never been happier about him being an only child as I was at that moment. Turns out it stemmed from an episode of Ben 10, not some random obsession with incest.

Anyway, I answered his questions and maybe gave him a little too much information regarding having retarded children when you procreate with family members. But you know how it goes. Those conversations with kids get away from you somehow and at the end you're left wondering how it went so far and you have a strange feeling you will be receiving a call from Teacher the next day.

I wasn't going to make up some bullshit explanation, though, because I have always told him I will be honest with him. I think honesty is a very important trait to teach your kids. Honesty, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to laugh at yourself are three qualities that will help you tremendously throughout your life. At age seven, my son takes more responsibility for his actions than most adults I know. (I don't know that many people) We're almost there with the honesty part, and we're definitely still working on the ability to laugh at yourself. I can laugh at myself, and I usually have many reasons to do so. (I trip on things) If someone makes a smartass comment about me my first reaction is not


It's "Good one, _____." Followed by a chuckle.

Unless it's not really that funny, in which case it's more like "Oh, poor _____. You really tried with that one but you just couldn't carry it home, could you?" Still followed by a chuckle, but the chuckle is directed towards myself because I think I'm funny.

Anyway, teach your kids to laugh at themselves. If you can't laugh at yourself you will constantly be trying to get the last word, to make your point, to one-up others. And who has time for all that?

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