Thursday, June 11, 2009

I may be addicted to satellite radio.

I was racing a Corvette on my way to work this morning.
He didn't know we were racing.
I still lost.

I didn't know that the Camper Van Beethoven song Pictures of Matchstick Men was a cover. Did you know that? It was originally done by Status Quo in 1968. (thanks, 60's on 6!) They didn't even change it, either. It's just the same song with a slightly heavier Brittish accent. I feel cheated. And it makes me wonder what other cover songs I'm unaware of.

Hey, have you guys been over to the Daily Innuendos blog?

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Anonymous said...

Liar! I sent you the original Quo version back in 2004!

- the person who sent you the original back in 2004

* - from Australia

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