Thursday, July 30, 2009

I saw dolphins at the beach today.

I also saw another one of those stupid Nissan Cubes on my way over the hill. This is the second one I've seen; I saw one a few weeks ago on 280. I suppose I could choose to believe it was the same one, and there aren't two people in the bay area who think this car is a good idea. Don't we have enough ugly cars on the road, what with the rising popularity of the Smart Car plus every 5th car being a damn Prius? Come on, guys. You can get good gas mileage in a nice looking car, you don't need to resort to this. I'd even accept the Mini, even though I don't think you'd survive a wreck with a Big Wheel. Let's just think about our car purchases a little before going out and getting the next "hot" car, ok? I'm depending on you.

But really, just if you live in California. The rest of the country can drive whatever they want as long as they stay over there.

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