Thursday, May 06, 2010

Prolong the stereotype.

I just had to laugh when I heard that some Berkeley students are staging a hunger strike to protest Arizona's new immigration law. That is so typical Berkeley. It's no wonder people call it Bezerkeley. Well, maybe it's only my dad that calls it that, but still. It fits.

Do you think Arizona cares if you eat, Berkeley? They don't! Nobody cares if you eat. Nobody cares if you sit in a tree for a week. Nobody cares.

Stupid Berkeley.

Your Greek Theater is a horribly uncomfortable place to see a show.


furiousBall said...

I think it would be cool if they protested by actually eating Arizona.

Yoj said...

Yeah, why don't people have an Eat In?

A bunch of college kids, stuffing themselves on Twinkies and burgers sandwiched between doughnuts till they barf? I bet that would get attention.

Not that I'm siding w/ Bezerkly. HA!

jeremy said...

but don't stoners get the munchies?

good luck, hippies.