Friday, June 10, 2005

Music post

Check out what popped up in my in-box. (wow, my in-box has been getting all the action lately)Jason Mraz has a new CD coming out July 26th. I'm on pins and needles. Really. I know he seems silly, I actually surprised myself by liking him so much. He really has a great voice. As a good friend of mine once said, he uses his voice like an instrument. He's the boy with the voice, it's no lie. Of course, I only know of like three people who listen to him, but this may change. Soon.
Plus, he's kind of cute and he takes random pictures of himself with roosters.

Moving on...
I want to give thanks to my new best friends Steve and Darrel. These two awesome gentlemen have given me music this week. They fed my soul, you might say. Oh, and just to clarify, I didn't send the same CD to you guys, you each have your own unique Cindy-Lou mix. I don't even think there is one song in common. Ok, maybe one. Just so you know I really did put in the effort for each of you. I would hate for you to feel unimportant, thus killing any chances of future CD swaps. Because this is really fun. If anyone else would like to do this just let me know. Mix CDs rule. Also, because I know he'll get all pissy if I don't mention him, Duckie is the King of Mix CDs. With a name like Duckie....

**Oh, and if anyone has the Howie Day CD Stop All The World Now I would LOVE to set up a swap. I think I'd like that CD. I'm also big on Christian Rock, as Steve now knows.

but not really.

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