Friday, January 06, 2006

Bring the funk

I got a new mix CD last night from Duckie. It’s called the Suicide Mix. The last mix he made me was pretty happy, most of the songs were upbeat and he said happiness was the overall theme of the mix. So I asked him to make me a mix of really sad songs, I wanted a suicide mix. Something that has me ready to drive my car into the center divider, jump off the bridge, sit in a warm bath with a razor blade to my wrist.

Oh, and I’m not cutting across like a sissy, no way.
I’m slicing down my arm.

It turned out pretty good. Although, there are a couple songs that don’t really make me feel like ending it all. I believe that he was afraid it would actually drive me to suicide so he threw in a happier song here and there to bring me back from the edge.

It even came with a convenient pre-written suicide note:

I’m not doing this to hurt anyone but myself

Pretty cool, huh?

What I've learned though, is you can't joke about suicide with just anyone. Some people don't find it funny at all.

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