Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Impression Tuesday

Words, words, words. We all know I like the writers.

Don't worry though, it's ok if you can't write. I'll still read your posts as long as you send me naked jpegs or talk dirty to me on the IM. If you're reallysuperhot I'll even let you post on my blog.

But listen.

If you can't entertain me, I need to know. What's your excuse?

Because...it's all about me.

Isn't it?

(lyrics to)
Love Hungry Man

You're the one I've waited for
I needed love more and more
I don't know what your name is
I don't know what your game is
I'm gonna take you tonight, animal appetite

I'm a love hungry man

I don't need a conversation
I just want sweet sensation
I tell you what I'm gonna do
I'll make a meal outta you

I'm a love hungry man

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