Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a man, what a man.

I saw X-Men 3: The Last Stand last night. By the way, that's a bunch of crap because I know that wasn't the last stand. No way they're going to lay this cash cow to rest. Anyway, they ended the movie in such a way as to leave me assuming there would be another one. I'm hoping. I'm not ready to let Wolverine go quite yet. Are you?
After we left, my friend says "oh, no, my friend told me to wait until after the credits because something happens". Thanks, asshole, now you tell me? So, if anyone knows what that is, please tell me. I can't see it again until it comes out on DVD. Not a big movie theater fan, even when we bring beers with us, which we did.

Today I'm watching Brokeback Mountain. Funny, but can you imagine two movies further apart on the manliness spectrum as X-Men and Brokeback? It made me laugh when Heath Ledger said "I'm not a queer" and Jake Gyllenhaal says "Me neither". I'm like, you just had your dick in his ass, how does that make you not gay?

I saw the preview for Superman Returns, too. I think any time you see a trailer at the movie theater it's more exciting. At any rate, a movie I formerly couldn't care less about is now on my must see list. That's funny, like I have a must see list. I also saw a trailer for a movie with Dwight from The Office in it. I love Dwight. (and if you haven't seen them, I watched all the fake The More You Know commercials from The Office, and they're pretty funny. I like this one)

Ryan started the fire...

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