Thursday, April 13, 2006

I sucked too hard and the tip of my popsicle broke off.

Sitting in the sun, painting my toes, watching the kid run around in the sprinklers. The sleeves of my t-shirt are pushed up on my shoulders and my jeans (yes, my dirty jeans) are pulled up over my knees. Because I can't get any shorts out of the drawer, you know. We're enjoying a break from the rain so I've been outside pretty much all day. I can't really see the screen on my laptop though.

I saw this little bird running along the top of the fence with this big piece of string in his mouth. In his beak? Right. I laughed thinking of him finding this string and being all "SCORE! " He ran really fast and I wondered why he didn't fly. Maybe it was too heavy.

It's nice to have something to look forward to.

*I came back to add something*

Hey, TerraT, remember when you said if we lived next door to each other we'd be alcoholics? Today is the kind of day I'd call you at work and make you tell them you were sick so you could come home and drink beer with me in the back yard.

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