Friday, April 21, 2006

Oh, hello.

My son said the other day that he wished he had a rewind button for life. Like we have for the TV. I want that too. I want Tivo for my life. I think I would use the pause button the most. Or rewind. Yeah, I'd like a do-over right about now.

Also, I have some advice for you. If you're out of the office running a really annoying errand on a beautiful, gorgeous, warm sunny day but you know you absolutely have to go back to the office, do not, under any circumstances, listen to Cold Beverages by G Love. When he says "two six-packs and a big bag of ice" you just might lose it. I almost did. Because we all know that t here is nothing better than a cold beer from a cooler full of ice.

Oh shit, I think I just figured out my plans for this weekend.
Me, the sun, and a cooler full of beer.

Join me?

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