Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Dramatic Interpretation by Cindy-Lou Who

Like, oh my gawd, did you see what Cindy wrote on her blag today?

Of course I did, I check it every day at 9:30 in homeroom, duh!

She like, said the F-word two times, and she's all, like, "I internet love you". Oh my gawd, do you think she's cheating on her BF?

Like, I don't know! Yesterday she was like, talking about making out with a girl, did you see that? Shame, shame, I know your name...

Like, totally! I wonder if [internet edit] knows anything about it, maybe I should like, text message him or something.

*write message*

OMG did U C the BLAG 2day?

*message sent*


********************The Next Day********************

You are like, so totally busted.

So sue me.

Time for my daily report to [internet edit]. I wonder what he knows about this.

*AIM conversation as imagined by me, not based on reality at all*

girl1: she busted "I" on the blag
boy: now, that's funny
girl1: does she know about me?
boy: yes

I'm going to talk to [internet edit].

What? Who? Didn't I have a friend named Cindy?

We should like, totally get together at the Peach Pit tonight and talk about it.

Wait, do you think that makes us sound like, I don't know...lame or something?


The End

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