Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I am so mad.

I was eying my odometer the whole way home. 99998 I get my camera out. Geeky, I know, but I was excited to see it say 99999. Call it OCD, call it OCB, whatever, I was happy. Then I noticed the other odometer (tripometer??) was looking awesome, too. I was going to get a picture of my odometer saying 99999 and the other one saying 5555. OCD heaven, right? My little organized mind was practically jumping with joy, if a brain can do that. Well, guess what? I had no memory card in my camera. Yeah, that's right, I missed the coolest picture an obsessive compulsive could ever hope for because I forgot to put my memory card back in the camera. Well, the coolest one would be all 9's but I would settle for 9's and 5's. Now I have NOTHING. Great.

**And I just put my coffee cup in the fridge and my water bottle in the sink. I'm on a roll.

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