Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I'm resisting the urge to quote Eminem

Well I'm back, ladies and gentlemen. I've made my rounds and caught up on everyone's adventures, whew, that was quite a ride. I've missed you all, my blogger loves.
So, my sister got married. The wedding was beautiful, I couldn't believe it turned out so well. We had it here, in the backyard. Everything looked so great. We strung white japanese lanterns over the deck and the lawn, and there were purple glass lanterns hanging around the deck. We had to make sure people could see where the deck ended so nobody would step off and break their ankle or anything like that. I mean, can you imagine someone falling off the edge of the deck and breaking their ankle? Sheesh, you'd have to be quite distracted to do something silly like that. (haha) Thankfully, we had no problems this time around. Nobody got hurt, nothing was broken, nobody called the cops, everyone had a great time. My sister was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life. She looked like she stepped out of a magazine. They were so happy, you could just see it in their faces. There was supposed to be 94 people, I'd say probably 10 of those didn't show. I think it's quite rude to RSVP to a wedding and not show up, but what are you going to do, right? I can't believe so many people were in my backyard and they all fit so well. It was a really fun wedding. Probably better than mine, even, and mine was really fun. The food was good, what three bites I had of it, the DJ was good, the decorations looked awesome, and I actually found shoes that looked great with my dress! Thanks to a well known friend who apparently wants to remain anonymous, due to the metrosexual aspect of shoe advice, I think. I don't know if I'm allowed to post pictures but I feel that since the wedding was in my backyard I kind of own the rights to the photos, don't you think?

First, my little guy. He did a great job as ring bearer. (or ring BEAR, rarrrrr) He actually stood up there the whole time, looking at the minister like he was really paying attention to what he was saying. The cutest kid in the universe. Maybe I'm baised. Who knows. I think I'll post a few of him, just to show off.

Caden looking all handsome, what a guy. I'm so proud of this kid.

The flower girl was pretty young, Caden was yanking her down the aisle, trying to get her to hurry up. He wanted to ditch her for going too slow.

Caden happy with a cupcake. They had a cupcake tree instead of a cake.

Krissy and Chris, don't they look so happy? Happy that it's finally OVER! No, really, they were very happy and cute. I cried, and I never cry.

This is me with both my sisters. (I'm the one on the left, in case you don't know me) See how cool the lanterns looked? It looks like a real wedding place, not just a backyard. Everyone danced and drank and had fun, it was great. (gee, can you tell I had fun, all I can say is how great it was)

I have sore muscles, my ribs hurt like someone socked me, and I have a massive bruise on my thigh. All in all, a success.

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