Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm back

and I'm alive. Can you believe it?
I had to go down to LA and check on my family. We're all pretty upset about Tookie getting the injection tonight. Poor, sweet Tookie. It's so sad that he's going to die. I mean, who cares how many people he murdered, he wrote books! For children! He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Christ's sake. Why shouldn't we protect his life? So he murdered four innocent people to rob a 7-11, can't we get past that? Shouldn't he be different? Shouldn't he get preferential treatment? Shouldn't he be granted clemency when the 11 other men who have been executed in the past 13 years weren't granted shit? Come on now, people. Let's protest, let's riot, let's do whatever we need to do to make sure this cold blooded killer continues to shower us with his brilliance. Books encouraging kids not to join gangs. What a novel idea! (no pun intended)(ok, it was intended, sue me) What better way to prove rehabilitation. Our Tookie wouldn't try to snow the Governator, now would he? No chance. Besides, the Governator's a Republican. No way he's giving ol' Tookie a reprieve.

Oh my god, am I actually agreeing with Arnold?
This must be the sobriety talking.

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