Sunday, December 04, 2005

SNL last night

I just watched the Saturday Night Live from last night with Dane Cook. No, that sounds wrong. I didn't watch it with Dane Cook, although I'd love to. He hosted the show and he was very funny. But as much as I enjoyed him, I was way more impressed by James Blunt. He was great. His voice sounded just as incredible live as it does on the album. He was actually singing, too, no Ashley Simpson action going on. When he sang You're Beautiful he stared at the camera and it was like he was singing to me. I choose to believe he was singing to me. In my head that's nice. Then when he sang Goodbye My Lover, oh boy. He had so much emotion in his face and his voice, I really thought he was going to cry. He may actually have teared up a little bit. It was awesome. I loved him before, but I love him more now. Plus, he played the piano, and I'm a sucker for the piano.

(and just so you know, the links on the names are to their home pages, the links on the songs are for you to download the song, if you're interested. you can preview Goodbye My Lover over to the right)

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