Saturday, April 23, 2005

30 things about me

1. I absolutely hate grocery shopping
2. I'm 5'7"
3. I'm a very very picky eater
4. I love pizza the most
5. I hate to travel
6. I'm the middle child
7. I like to be alone
8. I don't have nearly the amount of self confidence that I've been told I portray on this blog
9. I have a total of four screws in my knees
10. No, they have never set off the metal detector at the airport
11. I hate my ears
12. Blogging has replaced TV as my #1 pastime
13. I was on the dance team and a cheerleader in high school
14. I wanted to be in a Janet Jackson video when I was 15
15. I hate sports
16. I have no competitive spirit
17. I am not adventurous at all
18. I have a tattoo of the Cat in the Hat
19. My fingers bend backward really far
20. I like to wink at people
21. My sister is my best friend
22. My cat is named Fatty
23. I love to be barefoot
24. I like frog stuff
25. I don't watch, read, or pay attention to the news
26. I love the beach
27. I don't swim very well
28. I have the attention span of a gnat
29. I will talk to anyone and love to meet new people
30. I don't really have OCD, I'm just very precise.

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