Friday, April 01, 2005

Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer

I heard today that when the pope dies it's customary for someone (a cardinal maybe?) to go in and hit him on the head with a silver hammer. I think this is to make sure he's dead, or to finish the job. Personally, I think it's a little strange but you know customs. They're either forcing you to do something just because that's what they've always done or they're strip searching you because they suspect you've got some heroin stashed in a not-so-easy to reach place.

I want to go around whacking people in the head with a silver hammer. When they yell and ask me what the fuck I was thinking I'd say "Nope, you're not dead. Just checking." Then when they start throwing a fit or trying to kick my ass I'd make them feel guilty by saying "If it's good enough for the pope it's certainly good enough for you!"

It's usually pretty easy to make a catholic feel guilty anyway.

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