Thursday, April 14, 2005

I love my friends

I had the most amusing talk with Duckie this morning. We always talk on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 o'clock and we always talk about the most random crap. Last time I posted about the Porn & Pizza rule, remember? He's also the one who told me I laugh like a stoner. Which isn't always true. That's only my half-laughing huh-huh-huh laugh; when I really laugh it's more like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Anyway, he did this evil genius laugh and I complemented him on it, he's very good at it. He tells me he was giving his friend some pointers on the evil laugh last night. He said "He's got the evil part down, but he needs to add the maniacal". That just killed me. Evil laugh pointers. I am so very bad at the evil laugh. I could use some lessons. Then the conversation turned to me kissing women. I know, much better, right? I said I'd kiss Ashley Judd or Alyssa Milano. He suggested Jessica Alba, but she seems too young and innocent, I'd feel like I was doing something wrong. No, Alyssa Milano is hot and a little skanky, and Ashley Judd is hot and classy. And they're both old enough. We hang up and Duckie goes into work and sends me this in an email.


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