Friday, April 15, 2005

Pirates are replacing squirrels as the new black

I have this on going pirate thing with one of my co-workers. This guy came in to open an account and he had some weird shit like growing on his fingernails. It was pretty gross. Anyway, we started calling him Ol' Barnacle Hands. It just took off from there. Pretty much every email or post-it note we leave for each other includes some sort of pirate reference. Once she even made this little pop-up note in my drawer, that was sweet. The best email she ever sent me said:

whatever happened to Ol' Barnacle Hands?

...he was lost at sea, wasn't he. that be a mighty shame.

She left me a post-it asking me to do something and said to beware the barnacle. I did the opposite of what she asked, just to piss her off, and I found a post-it on Monday that called me a scurvy sea witch and I left her one threatening to make her walk the plank for that. Yeah, we like post-its around here. I don't usually get to work with her, we alternate days so it's kind of rare to be here at the same time. She's here with me today though, and we've been laughing A LOT. She said I killed the pope. I know that doesn't translate well, but trust me, it was funny. I laughed so hard I kind of wanted to throw up.
Well, I just wanted to tell you all about Ol' Barnacle Hands. Chris posted a pirate story and it made me think of this. Agent LAH posted about puking out of a car, and it reminded me of a funny story. I'll save that little gem for later. I think I'll go get a Jamba Juice now.

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