Monday, April 18, 2005


I was driving home the other day and I saw a VW Scirocco. It got me thinking about my friend James because he taught me how to drive a stick in his Scirocco. Seriously, drive a five-speed, that's not a euphemism. Anyway, I went on this huge voyage on my thought train, thinking about high school, wondering how James is now, if he ever married that girl, if he finished his thesis on snowy plovers. All kinds of things, you know how your mind wanders. So after about fifteen minutes of following this car and thinking about James and high school and UC Davis and a bunch of people I haven't thought about in ages, I realized it wasn't a Scirocco at all. It was a fucking Nissan or some shit. Stupid car. I should look James up.

I'm really glad I got to throw away last week's TV Guide. On the cover it said Gilmore Girls Crisis! And every time I walked by it I would say in my head "Oh no! A crisis on Gilmore Girls! What are we going to do, how will we live? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW????" I couldn't stop myself, I'd think it every time. I only get the TV Guide for the crossword puzzles anyway. Tivo renders the TV Guide pretty useless. The only thing it's good for (other than the crossword puzzle) is when it tells me a show is starting. I've been waiting for The Dead Zone and Nip/Tuck to start. I'm dying over here.

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