Friday, April 08, 2005

I love Blogger!

No, really I do. I owe all of you to Blogger, how could I not love it? I'm willing to cut Blogger a little slack because it connected me to so many great people. I'm so glad I started blogging. Am I getting all mushy here, because it's so unlike me. At least when I'm sober.
I'll admit a slight irritation with Blogger, especially last night when I couldn't post. Blogger is responsible for you not being able to read my post-margarita hour ramblings. I cannot for the life of me remember what words of wisdom I was going to unleash upon you, but I'm sure it would have been brilliant. I apparently wanted to tell you something about Van Morrison.
Margarita hour was great. I know Duckie sort of faded out of the blogging world, but I assure you he's alive and well in the real world. He's going to paint me something for my dining room. I already have one piece by him in my family room. Someday he'll be famous and my two paintings will be worth a fortune. It's actually my retirement plan. No, I'm kidding, I have a great retirement plan. I'll be retired by 50 and lounging by my pool with a drink in my hand. I'm sure it'll have a little umbrella in it, too. And dude, check out my pool boy. Hot.
Oh, and I had a sex dream about Zach Braff last night.

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