Tuesday, April 19, 2005

All grows up

What's up with skorts? Seriously, am I the only one who thinks they're retarded? Looking through the ads on Sunday that's all I saw, skorts skorts skorts. Not only do I think the whole concept is lame for anyone over age 10, but the word itself is annoying. Skort. Lame.
I can see why a little girl would wear them, they're always flipping around the bars or turning cartwheels. It's a welcome alternative to wearing shorts under your skirt. I had to wear shorts under my skirts those three times my mom convinced me to wear one. I was always upsidedown. Grown women however, should not be wearing skorts. I cannot think of a reason why a grown woman would need skorts. Ok, I can think of a couple reasons, but none are compelling enough to justify wearing something called a SKORT.

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