Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm a hater

What does it say about me that I hate a five year old? I'm talking HATE, I HATE this kid. Maybe not HATE but hate. For sure. I feel bad, and I know it's bad but I just can't help it. He is SO annoying and just plain mean. He's that bad kid you don't want your kid to play with but for some reason your kid wants to play with him anyway. This kid has hit Caden, bit Caden, ran Caden over with his Big Wheel, punched him, kicked him, thrown rocks at his head, and Caden still wants to play with him! I don't get it. And PLEASE somebody teach him that there is in fact a D in Caden. He sounds like a fucking retard saying his name. Oh I'm so going to hell. But just do it, just say Caden as if there was no D. Ca-en. OH MY GOD. Don't you think five should be old enough to say it right? Fucking kid. He comes in the house today and says "Cindy?" and I say "yes?" and he says "hi". I'm like (don't ever fucking talk to me again you little shit) "hi". The first two times I said hi. The next time I just didn't say anything and the fourth time I said "stop it". When I see him I make a face like I just ate something that tastes disgusting. I can't stop myself. I hope they move.

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