Sunday, April 03, 2005

I wish I may, I wish I might

Tibbles asked:

"If a genie showed/up and gave you three wishes and one of them could not be unlimited wishes forever what would your three wishes be?"

I decided the answer was too long for the comment section so here's my reply.

1. Every time I choose a number on the roulette table I want it to come up. (have to get the money one out of the way first, right? and what better way to make money than gambling? Functional and fun, plus you get free beer)

2. I want it to never rain two days in a row. I just can't take it. (what good is all that money if I'm in a bad mood? although, if it's a rainy day I could always head to the casino and make some more money, you know, just to pass the time)

3. This one is hard...let's see....should I choose to never get sick again or to be rid of all my irrational fears? Oh...I say I want to never get sick again. Not a cold, not the flu, definitely not cancer. (this goes for all STD's too) I figure if I'm rich enough I won't ever have to deal with spiders or flying if I don't want to, and I'll probably have a cook to open all my biscuits, right? Or better yet, make them all from scratch for me. I bet Nigella makes all her biscuits fresh every day. Nigella's biscuits....mmm. Ok, that settles it. I will never get sick again and I will use all my wealth to lure Nigella to my kitchen. Perfect.

There you go, Ty. Anyone else feel like answering the three wish question? Apparently there's extra credit involved, so if you're just a few points away from an A it might be a good idea.

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