Friday, March 11, 2005

Gossamer dreams

I have to congratulate Terra on guessing the answer to my dream question. Given the choice between the $10 or two shots of Patron, well you know which she chose. Karaoke and tequila, is there anything better to do on a Friday night? Throw a little sex into the mix and I'd say you have yourself a pretty good party.

On with the dream.......

There was more to this at the beginning, but it has little to do with the rest of the dream. It also makes no sense, of course, being a dream. I mean, I hate sports. So why would I be going to a major league basball game? Without YB, I mean? Anyway, after the game I was supposed to meet two friends at Banana Republic. Why Banana Republic? I'm sure I have no idea. It didn't really look like a Banana Republic, either. It was very big and smelled like musty books. There was a fuschia hue throughout the whole place, like a small dance club. It actually looked like that thrift store on San Carlos called Moon Zoom. So I was there with my friend Kim, waiting for these other two friends and I wanted to look at shoes. Naturally. There were tons of shoes for little girls but only four or five kinds for women, so I asked a saleswoman where all the shoes were. She kind of smiled and said she could show me her "hidden stash" and lead us to a small closet. She opened opened it and pulled up a trap door in the floor then left us alone. There weren't very many shoes in there but there were a bunch of old pictures and tapes and CDs. We found a cassette tape with a picture Joel on the front. He was sitting on a couch with a guitar in his lap and the picture was blurred a little, colors smeared to the side.

It sort of looked like this picture of John Mayer. Only in color and he was looking to the left.

I said to Kim that he had told me about that tape, he and Dane and Jermey had put it together some songs and sent it to some producers. They had only made like four copies though, and he didn't have one anymore. I was looking at the back, it was made in 1994. Apparently Joel had not hit it big with the tape, but I wanted it. So Kim and I went over to ask the saleswoman if I could buy it. The last part is very long and not very exciting so to sum it up: No, I couldn't buy it so Kim stole it for me.

There you have it. A dream about a blogger. Terra gets tequila with training wheels. Ha!

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