Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tivo. My friend. My enemy.

I'm feeling pressured by my Tivo lately. I have all these CSI's on there, waiting for me. I have so many episodes of Carnivale that the season will end before I even catch up. I have two movies, Monster and Along Came Polly. I'm half way though the Oscars or Academy Awards or whatever you call that awards show that was on the other night. Now Tivo is telling me it doesn't have room to save something as long as I want it to. How dare it defy me? I'm the one in charge, I make the rules. I programmed you Tivo, and I can easily unplug you. OR....
Maybe Tivo knows that I can't actually unplug it. Tivo has the drop on me, boy. It knows I wouldn't give up my shows that easily. Who's in charge now?

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