Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Week of Fears

On Sunday I was cleaning up around the house. I lifted some newspaper off the table and there was a spider underneath. It was just sitting there, it didn't move at all. It was so big that I stared at it for a minute wondering if it was one of the plastic bugs Caden has. I finally decided it was real and went to the backdoor to yell for my husband. He came running in thinking I was dying. I got yelled at a little bit for that one. When I got back it was gone. He found it and killed it, but I still had that squirmy, crawling all over me feeling for a while. I kept shaking my hair and clothes, making sure there was no spider on me. Big, reddish, kind of see-through spider. Ugh.
Fear #1: spiders

On Monday I was here at the computer while my husband was working on the front room. He had to cut the power to that room to work on the lights but ended up accidentally cutting the power to the whole house. I sat here in the pitch black room, frozen. I could feel my heart speed up and my breathing speed up. Finally, what seemed like hours later, the lights came back on. I heard a "sorry" from the other room. He got yelled at a little bit for that one.
Fear #2: the dark

Thank goodness I escaped my dentist appointment yesterday, that would have just been too much for me to handle. I could just imagine the rest of my week.

Tuesday: dentist
Wednesday: pop-open can of biscuits
Thursday: airplane

What's next, cancer on Friday?

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