Saturday, March 05, 2005

I could never live in Seattle

Much better mood today, the sun is out and it's 67 degrees. At least, AOL tells me it's 67 degrees, all I know is it's gorgeous outside and it felt great to sit in the sun for a while. Even driving is a better experience when the sun is out. Some retard was blocking the lane when the light turned green so nobody could go until his light turned, and I wasn't even mad at him. Sure, I called him a dick but my heart wasn't in it.
I went out with Terra T again last night, man that girl is a good time. The band that played at the Brit was good, but of course I can't remember their name. The played good dancing music though, that's important. I had no choice but to get down, down, down, down....
I figured something out on my way home yesterday, too. It's impossible to be in a bad mood when you listen to Jamiroquai.

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