Saturday, March 12, 2005

10 for 10

tblue posted diez cosas [rapidamente]
Here are his 10 things with my responses below them.

1. i lost my license to drive for ten years due to my inability to stop street racing. [they mean it!!]
1. I have received two speeding tickets and one illegal left turn ticket. All before the age of 22. I've been following the law ever since. Or maybe I just haven't been caught.

2. i rode with the haro boys while still a teen. [and continually got smoked going full/out up a hill while my dudes sat on their handle/bars and lazily pedaled backwards.]
2. I don't know who the haro boys are, but I once flipped over the handlebars of my bike and landed in the juniper bushes.

3. i tried out for the mtn. bike shit at the x-games and ended/up having six broken teeth removed by an oral surgeon after some tricky foreigner grabbed my brake as i passed him.
3. I have never even watched the X-Games and I had all four wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon when I was 17.

4. i sat behind maurice clarrett in math. [yes, i'm stupid!]
4. In 1st grade I sat next to a kid named Mark, and people would make a Mork and Mindy reference when they said our names together, Mark and Cindy.

5. i had someone try to rob stuff out of my backpack in port authority in manhattan while i was sitting on it.
5. I don't use public transportation. I'm a snob that way.

6. i talked to biz markee for half an hour in the kfc under times square.
6. I was in an elevator with Simon LeBon and held his cake.

7. i thought my name was bmx faggot [other variations include: skr8 faggot, punk faggot and raver faggot] for several years after i quit playing the sports you're supposed to.
7. I thought I was half Mexican and half wolf when I was 5.

8. i stayed awake for six days once.
8. I can't stay awake for more than one day, but then again, I've never done crank.

9. i got married to my wife while she was preggers. [shhh.]
9. I hate the word preggers.

10. i tested into the top percentile for the verbal on my gre and got the lowest possible score on the math. [never believe that bullshit about guessing c when you don't know. it's a lie to keep you from columbining the test moderators b4 you leave the lecture hall!]
10. I got an A in my Speech class at Sacramento City College because the teacher threw a fit and quit a month before the end of school. Everyone got A's.

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