Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday, March 3rd (I'm going to be doing this all day)

6:00 am: Caden crawls into bed with me, tells me we're best friends.
6:20 am: Get tired of the wiggling and give up on more sleep.
6:30 am: Start The Emperor's New Groove and a pot of coffee.
8:00 am: Roll Hot Wheels across the kitchen floor.
8:30 am: Annoy Caden by singing the "Welcome Christmas" song from the Grinch movie.
8:45 am: Coffee has kicked in.
9:00 am: Put in the Offspring CD and dance with Caden to "Pretty Fly for a White Guy".
9:20 am: Switch to Will Smith and dance to "Gettin' Jiggy With It" and "Miami".
9:40 am: Decide to blog about my day thus far.

10:00 am: Back to the Hot Wheels, third cup of coffee, Paul Simon "Me and Julio" playing.
10:20 am: Talked to mother-in-law, set dates for visit. Yay.
10:22 am: Caden peed on the floor in the bathroom. "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes" is on.
10:30 am: Decide to finally get dressed, my jeans seem tighter than usual. Hm.

11:15 am: Put gas in my car, remember the days you could fill your tank with $10.
11:30 am: Grocery shopping with Caden. Received OK to buy carrots. Was asked to explain tampons. Answer: Something mommies need.
12:15 pm: Opened trunk to put groceries in, remembered trunk is full of luau decorations.
12:18 pm: Heard "Love me" by the Cardigans on the radio, was informed by Caden that he doesn't like girl songs he only likes songs where boys sing.

1:00 pm: As promised, Caden takes one bite of a carrot. He then sits with it in his mouth crying for five minutes until he makes himself gag and throws up on his plate.
1:30 pm: He's down for a nap and I think I will join him.

2:00 pm: Took a nap.
2:40 pm: Phone rang and woke me up.
3:00 pm: Watched Las Vegas from a week ago, man I love that show.
3:52 pm: Need to start thinking about dinner. Something without carrots.

4:20 pm: Got high. Just kidding, complained about my husband to my sister.
4:45 pm: Start dinner. Chicken, broccoli, baked potatoes.
5:00 pm: Warn the neighbor kid that the cat may bite while secretly hoping she bites him so he'll go home.

5:20 pm: Burned my hand on a cookie sheet. Just a little.
6:30 pm: Wonder where everyone is, blogs are slow today.
7:40 pm: Get irritated because I can't post a comment on Nina's blog.

9:00 pm: Put Caden in his "cooooozy jammies". His favorite green ones with the dinosaurs.
9:30 pm: Someone's bedtime.....
9:38 pm: Finally unpack my carry-on from the trip to Florida. Yes, I know.

10:00 pm: Get coffeepot ready for tomorrow, get clothes ready for tomorrow. I'm secure in my OCD, absolutely. My shoes are even out with my socks tucked into them.
10:35 pm: End IM conversation with Michelle, take out contacts, brush teeth, and GO TO BED. Caden got me up too early and I stayed up too late last night.

The End.

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