Sunday, March 27, 2005

Top ten reasons I'm grumpy

1. My sunshine disappeared and now it's windy and rainy.

2. I had to get up too early to hide Easter eggs.
(wait did I say me? I meant the Easter Bunny)

3. I've taken enough Motrin to choke a horse and my left knee is still killing me. (see #1)

4. I just took my last 3 Motrin.

5. Caden started coughing and his pediatrician (whom I adore) is retiring.

6. All the medication I'm on is apparently altering my tastebuds because Diet Coke tastes weird to me all of the sudden.

7. I'm afraid to get my next phone bill.

8. I have a headache.

9. I'm so very bored.

10. And apparently just because I'm a girl.

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