Friday, March 11, 2005


The comments thing is pissing me off, so I'm going to do what Grace did and post all my comments here.

Ken: Giving new meaning to the phrase "charmed the pants off her"

J: Awesome post, my vote goes to Tracy. More believable.

YankeeBob: 85% isn't bad, I still respect you. and you have to go with the PJ bottoms. T-shirt optional.

Ian: Since nobody else knows Japanese either just pretend. That's probably what that teacher was doing anyway.

Joe: Is there really such a thing as too many lightsaber as penis references?

Autumn: My stripper name is Scandal and my porn star name is Candy Cox. Also: sleep with a guy on the first date. Who cares.

Steve: Love the new template. Love the phrase: now that I rely upon it for masochism and a sense of accomplishment. I want a moon that looks like that shark.

Lightning Bug: I'm adventurous and spunky. I hope you're generous and free spirited. Also love the profile pic.

Blog Ho: Excellent handling of the anonymous commenter, I award you with the golf clap. *clap clap clap* (not the clap, as in the STD, I try to avoid STD's as a rule) Enjoy your vacation!

Cat: It's strep throat. Go to the doctor!

That's it for now. If you're not here that means either I have nothing worthwhile to say or you have haloscan. If you don't have haloscan....get haloscan!

I'm going to drink tonight.

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